We are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a chapter this year. Throughout 2024 the community is invited to join the ongoing celebration by purchasing items from our wish lists to support multiple programs that help children in need. For February, the featured wish list includes a range of books that appeal to elementary school students.

We know that raising children in homes with lots of books helps improve their vocabulary and increase their awareness and comprehension.  Those skills help improve students’ test results and their ability to use technology and communicate with others. Thus, your donation of new books will not only impact children’s lives immediately but will also positively affect their academic growth and their employment prospects as adults.  A small investment that promises enormous returns.

To donate books from our wish list, use this link https://tiny.alnv.org/wish/books and choose the titles you want to donate. Also, select Assistance League of Northern Virginia as the shipping address to ensure prompt delivery.

Special thanks to all who helped with our January wish list (46 packages totaling 477 pairs of socks and underwear!) and to those who have already purchased books this month.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and support for our programs.