March is National Reading Month and what better way to celebrate than to give books to children to read! We recently held a “Build a Child’s Library” book fair at a Title 1 school in Manassas for 500 Pre-K through 5th-grade students. Each student selected a book from the new books we displayed on tables in the school library. Our 10 volunteers and the librarians helped students find books they would like.  Each book selected book was then stamped, and the students signed their names in the books to indicate it was theirs.  We inserted an Assistance League bookmark into each book, which the students liked.


Our members love these book fairs because we interact directly with the children we serve and can see their joy and gratitude. This event continued that tradition and the special moments began even before the book fair started. Two students announced the event over the PA system and thanked us for our generosity.


During the book fair, a couple of students remembered we’d been at their school last year, and they still had their books. In another unique moment, our members suggested an especially apt book title. A student had searched and searched, but couldn’t decide on a title. Finally, a member suggested a “Mia Mayhem” book and that caused her to stop. She exclaimed “My name is Mia!” and our members said: “Then it’s the perfect book!” She happily showed the book to her teacher and others.

It was a great day for the students and our member volunteers!