As part of our Literacy for Kids program, we provide new books to elementary school students to encourage their love of reading and learning.  Through a program called Build a Child’s Library, we hold book fairs each year at the schools we serve to ensure that students will have grade-appropriate reading materials in their homes. We offer a wide range of books on topics that students will like and arrange them on tables according to reading skills.

We recently held a book fair at a Fairfax County elementary school where 11 members helped 608 students from pre-K through 6th grade find the perfect book.  Some students needed no help, they searched the titles and topics and quickly made their selections.  Others had a hard time picking just one book and used the  ‘eeny meeny’ counting rhyme to decide.  After the students found the perfect book, they took it to the signing desk, where members stamped it with “This book belongs to,” the students signed their names,  and received an Assistance League bookmark.  As always, the students were very appreciative of their new books, as were their teachers, which made a great day even more memorable for our members.