Our final food-packing of the school year was another fun and impactful event.  With 60 volunteers helping, we packed 1,720 bags of nonperishable food and delivered them to 6 schools in Fairfax and Prince William counties.  We also provided some emergency grocery gift cards to those six schools and a supply of grocery cards to a seventh school.

Our members were joined by volunteers from Dominion Energy, our long-time partner in this effort, as well as friends from Didlake and RBH Global Wealth.  Joining us for the first time were Sia Floyd, President & CEO of Antean Technology, Sean Floyd, and Kumba Gbakima.  Besides helping with the packing, Antean has pledged financial support for our chapter, which we greatly appreciate.  After the food packing, Ms. Floyd commented on what a well-oiled and organized operation the packing was.  We agree!  In this our 12th year of partnering with Dominion for our Weekend Food for Kids program, the Weekend Food Team has the logistics of this operation down to a science. The smooth operations were enhanced by music that our DJ played so we could pack to the beat, and maybe sing along, to a variety of oldies and show tunes.

Videographer Bob Kovacs has produced a time-lapse video of a recent food packing.  He condensed into a 1-minute video the entire 2-hour packing process, starting with members opening all the packages and placing them at each packing station in the 3 assembly lines, and ending with all the bags packed and moved outside to the trucks for delivery.  Although the background music helps quicken the pace, we’re not that fast.  Check out the video below!

As is customary for the final food-packing of the school year, lunch was provided to thank the volunteers who helped us pack the 15,480 bags we delivered this year.  Dominion Energy ordered pizzas with a wide assortment of sauces and toppings, and our Weekend Food team provided drinks and desserts.

Our New Clothing for Kids program also finished the school year with a bang.  We delivered more than 300 clothing items to 6 schools, including shorts and T-shirts, leggings, joggers, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, and summer dresses.  Many of those items were donated by our friends and supporters who purchased them from our monthly wish lists.  We are very grateful for the community support of our Wish List campaigns and the wonderful generosity of the donors.

So many good things are happening for Assistance League as we continue celebrating our 20th year of making a difference in our community.