Can you imagine having to share a toothbrush with your brother or sister?  Or not being able to brush regularly because your family can’t afford toothpaste?  Sadly, children in low-income families are often in need of toothbrushes and toothpaste because their families lack resources to provide these basic items that are essential for good oral hygiene.  We are addressing that need through our June wish list, featuring books and toothbrushes to be included in the packages of Bed Time Hug Pillows.  This month’s wish list is part of our ongoing celebration of 20 years of community service.

These pillows, handmade from colorful kid-themed fabrics, are packed with a coordinating Beanie Baby, a toothbrush and paste, and a book.  The pillows are distributed to kindergarten students at the Title 1 schools we serve to help them develop a bedtime routine of brushing and reading a book.  It’s important for kids to learn good dental care at an early age since many families can’t afford regular dentist visits.

Your generosity in making a contribution from our wish list can help these young children get an early start on a healthy bedtime routine.  Use this link to make your selections or scan the QR code on the flyer.  Please select Assistance League of Northern Virginia as the shipping address to ensure prompt delivery.

We are grateful for the tremendous community support for our monthly wish lists.  Contributions big and small make a difference in helping families provide basic essentials for children in need.