Conflict of Interest Policy – June 2005  

Assistance League of Northern Virginia – a chapter of Assistance League


Any situation in which a decision-maker, namely an Assistance League of Northern Virginia member, is influenced in an organizational decision by personal, financial, business or other concerns that are unrelated to the organization’s best interests.

Policy Statement

A copy of the CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY will be furnished to each Assistance League of Northern Virginia member for inclusion in their Membership notebook for future reference. The Elected Board Officers will be required annually to complete a disclosure form in order to ensure that no inappropriate benefits have occurred.

Goods and services offered at no cost will be recorded as “gifts-in-kind,” and the donor will receive appropriate acknowledgment of his/her gift. Assistance League does not unilaterally forbid any transactions with members and their families, but does require that the following guidelines be adhered to regarding any transactions:

1) All members will have the same opportunity to recommend vendors to the chapter for the bidding process.

2) A minimum of two bids must be provided to the chapter to offer the organization a choice of options unless the transaction involves a one-of-kind item and no competitive bid is available.

3) If the related member is on the decision-making Board or committee, the member should excuse herself from any meetings where the bids are discussed, a vote taken or a vendor selected, and must disclose all facts material to the Conflict of Interest to the Board or committee present.

4) A Board Officer or committee member who is unable to attend a meeting at which she has reason to believe the Board or committee will act on a matter in which she has a Conflict of Interest shall disclose to the chairman prior to the meeting all facts material to the Conflict of Interest. The chairman shall report the disclosure at the meeting and the disclosure shall be reflected in the minutes of the meeting.

5) Members may not receive unfair advantage over the general public with regards to buying and selling opportunities conducted by the chapter.

6) Responsible Persons shall exercise care not to disclose confidential information acquired in connection with such status or information which might be adverse to the interests of Assistance League of Northern Virginia. Furthermore Responsible Persons shall not disclose or use information relating to the business of the chapter for their personal profit or advantage of the Responsible Person or a family member.

7) Responsible Persons who are not members of the Board of Directors of ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Northern Virginia or who have a Conflict of Interest with respect to a Contract or Transaction that is not the subject of Board or committee action, shall disclose to the chairman, supervisor or their designee any Conflict of Interest that such Responsible Person has with respect to a Contract or Transaction. Such disclosure shall be made as soon as the Conflict of Interest is known to the Responsible Person. The Responsible Person shall refrain from any action that may affect Assistance League® of Northern Virginia’s participation in such Contract or Transaction.

8) The Board of Directors shall review this policy annually. Any changes to the policy shall be communicated immediately to all Responsible Persons.

Assistance League of Northern Virginia Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form





Please describe below any relationships, positions or circumstances in which you are involved that you believe could contribute to a Conflict of Interest as defined in the aforementioned policy of Assistance League of Northern Virginia. If none are in existence, then please print the word’s “NONE APPLY.”














I hereby certify that the information set forth above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I have reviewed, and agree to abide by, the Conflict of Interest Policy of Assistance League of Northern Virginia.