Amazon Wishlists

We are so incredibly fortunate to have such great partners with many amazing programs and organizations. But even so, sometimes the more direct and personal touch can be a welcome change. With that, we’ve organized a number of Amazon Wishlists that have been tailored to the needs we’ve identified for the children we serve in the NoVA region. These lists allow you to help out directly by purchasing any of the items on the lists and sending them directly to ALNV so we can get those kind gifts into the hands of those that need them in a timely manner.

So thank you for coming here to learn more about how you can help and please enjoy perusing our great wishlists!

ALNV Amazon Wishlists

Please note that when you purchase from these wishlists, you should be presented with the ability to select “Assistance League of Northern Virginia” as a delivery option. This helps ensure that your gift gets to the children in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Check out any of our great lists:

And remember, you aren’t restricted to just one list! You can always add to cart and check out the additional lists!

Our Wishlists

New Books for Kids

Give the gift of a great story!

Do you remember when you were a young child and enjoyed listening to a story being told to you by your favorite tutor, parent, or sibling? How about when you started diving into your own books and allowed your imagination to take you on fantastical and whimsical adventures? Help us bring such experiences to the children we serve by purchasing some new books for kids!

Tushies and Toes

Keep 'em clean and covered!

We all know there are never enough socks and underwear to go around for young children. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing that sneaky dryer always stealing the left sock to the dog deciding that the underwear made for a fun chew toy, then you’ll understand how much it would mean to a parent to receive new and clean socks and underwear for their precious little ones!

Hygiene Kits

Looking and smelling good!

One of the easiest things to forego when the finances get hit is some of the more basic hygiene elements. Being able to comb your hair, put on some deodorant, or keeping your teeth clean may not always feel like necessity when times are roughest. But it’s exactly those times when having that little confidence boost from being able to look and feel great is most welcome. So help ALNV ensure that the children in the NoVA region can continue to look and feel their best by purchasing some essential hygiene items!

Leggings and Sweatpants

Keep warm and comfortable

Nothing’s better on a chilly evening then grabbing your favorite pair of sweats and relaxing with a good warm drink. And when you do have to go out, it’s always nice to be able to pair your favorite pair of leggings with a great skirt or dress. Many children don’t have leggings or sweatpants to enjoy these simple pleasures, but could with your generosity. It only takes a minute and then you can go back to enjoying that hot cocoa!

Short-Sleeve T-Shirts

Show off them arms

2024 marks our 20th Anniversary and we’re celebrating all year long! As part of this celebration we’ll feature a different monthly wish list. Our April wish list features the short-sleeve T-shirts that children will need for spring and summer.  Anyone with children knows how quickly they outgrow their clothes.  But most people in an affluent area like Northern Virginia don’t realize how difficult it is for lower-income families to provide new clothes for their children as seasons change.   So navigate to, select Assistance League of Northern Virginia as the shipping address, and help clothe a child today!

Grocery Basics

Security through Food

Nothing brings families closer together like a nice, home-cooked meal. But many families struggle with having enough basic supplies and groceries to provide those often simple-but-oh-so-important meals for their loved ones. To help combat food insecurity in our community, ALNV has curated an Amazon Wish List focused on providing those basics goods to families in our community. So please help and give a little to help create a lot of wonderful memories for the children of the NoVA region.