No one wants to wear their poverty.

Unfortunately, it’s a painful reality for many young school children in Orange Unified School District. It is hard to feel like you fit in with your peers when your family cannot afford even the most basic items of clothing. Poor attendance or worse, dropping out altogether, is often the result.


We provide new school clothes to kids in need.

For some children, this will be the first time they have ever had a new shirt, a warm sweatshirt of their own, or a backpack filled with school supplies. For the first time, they truly feel like they fit in with all the other kids.


Kids are given the confidence they need to succeed.

New clothing has the power to elevate self-esteem, encourage school attendance, and improve academic performance. We are providing far more than just a new wardrobe—we are empowering young students to reach their full potential.

Each Child Receives:

  • four pairs of pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers
  • a  jacket / sweatshirt
  • three shirts
  • six pairs of underwear
  • eight pairs of socks
  • a hygiene kit containing personal care items
  • a backback filled with basic school supplies
  • a shoe voucher for a new pair of shoes – to be redeemed at Payless Shoes
  • one new book of their choice

During the 2018-2019 school year, over 1,000 elementary and middle school students visited Operation School Bell.  The children left with a huge bag of new clothes, wide grins and a renewed sense of confidence.   At a special event, over 400 preschool children received new clothing.


Our Members Volunteered Over 1,000 Hours for Operation School Bell Last Year!

Operation School Bell changes the lives of young children. Please join us in giving kids the confidence they need to succeed in school!

Operation School Bell has been a program of Assistance League of Orange since 1962. It has been providing new school clothing to elementary students in need for over 55 years.