One-2-One Tutoring

Volunteers provide weekly tutoring and classroom assistance for elementary students to help improve reading, other academic skills, and self-esteem. Since 1996, 15,591 children impacted. In FY 2018-19, 2,547 students benefited: 215 with tutoring/assistance, 1,684 with books, and 648 students celebrated ‘March is Reading Month’ at a special event. This program helps children discover the love of reading and for some, the first book they can call their own.

Baffling Bill the Magician Helps to Kick-off “March is Reading Month”

Baffling Bill the Magician

Assistance League volunteers work during the school year as One-2-One tutors, providing weekly classroom and individual support to improve literacy skills for early learners. There are 11 voluntary One-2-One tutors at WHRC and 10 voluntary tutors at McGregor. These services are provided to schools, teachers, and students free of charge through Assistance League.

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Children’s 2014 Book Drive Collects 5,650 Books for Programs

Channel 7 News – Class Acts – Detroit 2020 series

Assistance League’s One-2-One tutoring was part of this video shown during the broadcasting of the Channel 7 Action News.