Assault Survivor Kits®

The program provides personal kits for children and adult survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence whose clothing was destroyed by the perpetrator or retained by the police for evidence. The Assault Survivor Kits include a new top, pants, underwear, socks/flip-flops, sports bra, a bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, and a stuffed animal for children. Assistance League’s members purchase items, assemble, and deliver the kits to trauma centers. Since 1994, 24,725 survivors benefited.  In 2022-23, 1,704 survivors received kits at 40 trauma centers.


Notable Happenings in the Assault Survivor Kit Program

100 Women Who Care Rochester Awards Assistance League® of Southeastern Michigan quarterly award for their Assault Survivor Program

At the August 2020 Rochester 100 Women Who Care meeting, longtime member Judy McWhirter was selected to make a presentation for Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan.
   She decided to present on behalf of our Assault Survivor Kits® program. We were chosen from the three presentations given that day to receive the quarterly award. The amount should be about $22,000.
   Thank you, Judy! And congratulations to our chapter Assault Survivor Kits program.

Since 1994, 18,986 kits delivered. In FY 2018-19, 1,287 kits were delivered to 39 hospitals and trauma centers, hoping to assure them that someone cares.

Rochester Women's FundRochester Women’s Fund awards $2,500 to Assistance League to benefit Assault Survivor Kits

Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan received a generous gift of $2,500 from the Rochester Women’s Fund to benefit the Assault Survivor Kits Philanthropic Program. This program provides new clothing and toiletries for survivors of abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence whose clothing are destroyed by the perpetrator or retained by the police for evidence. Since 1994, over 16,000 survivors have benefitted. The check was presented to Assistance League President Rosemary Dirksen and Grant Committee member Barb Bakker by Kelly Dean and Kathy McCarter, Board Members of the Rochester Women’s Fund, an endowment fund that supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and their families.

Rochester High School Key Club donatesRochester High School Key Club donates to Assistance League

Student members of the Rochester High School (RHS) Key Club donated $300 to the Assault Survivor Kits program, provided by Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan, to support survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Jennifer O’Toole-Seyka, RHS counselor and Key Club advisor, shared information with students about Assistance League’s program that provides fresh clothes and personal items to survivors of assault-an immediate need that comes at a difficult time. “The students decided they wanted to be a part of this program that brings some comfort and dignity to the survivors,” O’Toole-Seyka said.

Tiffany Piggeé-Taylor & Daughter JaimynSpecial ‘THANK YOU’ to Tiffany Piggeé-Taylor & Daughter Jaimyn for Their Generous Sponsorship!

As a sexual assault survivor and in support of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April, Tiffany Piggeé-Taylor, owner of ME Beauty Studio in Rochester, Michigan, wanted to ‘give back’ and help others. She accomplished this and increased community awareness by sponsoring the donations of over $1,000 and 2,500 new underwear for Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan’s Assault Survivor Kits. Through their charitable efforts and the help of generous donors, we will be able to provide underwear for 2,500 Assault Survivor Kits.

Volunteers Assembling Assault Survivor Kits of New Clothing & Toiletries