Health – Literacy – Education

Assistance League of Visalia’s programs concentrate on the children of Tulare County, helping 11,084 children and families in 2018 through 5 ongoing programs.

HEALTH – Clothing and Hygiene Kit Program – Operation School Bell

LITERACY – Books for Home Libraries Program – Rainbow Reading

EDUCATION –  Backpack Program – Operation School Bell     Educational Puppet Shows – Kids on the Block    U.S. Maps Painted – Fifty Sense



Assist a Child

Since 1998, Assistance League Visalia has touched the lives of over 60,000 children in Tulare County.


In 2019, our donors helped us return $100,000 to address the needs of children in Tulare County.


Our members donated 7,000 hours last year to make a difference in the lives of children in Tulare County.

The best reward for doing what we do! Our September clothing event was a hit --266 children clothed for school.

Join Assistance League . View the video to see how you can help thousands of children each year.

Assistance League is proud to be a finalist for the Visalia’s Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year award

It’s Rummage Sale time.

October Meeting Antics from Anna, our President

Halloween costumes of Flo, the Progressive saleswoman! Each member's word to describe AL Visalia is displayed on the apron. Lots of fun. Thanks to Anna for all the work on the aprons and headbands to make us all look like Flo.

Derby Sponsors – Thank You!

Our 2019 "Evening at the Derby" was our best ever.  A large part of this success is due to the many companies and individuals who sponsor our event.  We appreciate their support and rest assured that 1,000s of children will be served by their generousity.

Literacy Program