Our Philanthropic Programs Address the Needs of Children

Operation School Bell®

Elementary and middle school students  “shop” for brand new clothing with their parents and Assistance League of Visalia volunteers at our community partner,  Penney’s.    Each student leaves with a huge bag of new clothes, a wide grin and a renewed sense of confidence.

 Kids on the Block®

Puppets!  What kid doesn’t love a puppet, and the Assistance League of Visalia puppeteers bring these puppets to life in scripts about preventing bullying, tolerance of others, and empathy for the disabled.


Fifty Sense - U.S. maps

United States geography is uniquely visible in these large scale playground maps painted by Assistance League of Visalia volunteers.  Colorful and educational, these maps are painted in just a few hours.


Rainbow Reading

One-on-one interaction is the key to this reading program with elementary students.  Assistance League of Visalia members listen to students read and reinforce the joys of reading.


Le Bag - Hygiene Kits

Hygiene kits are provided to all students who are clothed in Operation School Bell.  Kits include a variety of items to teach hygiene to all students.