Clothing Bundles for Children Entering Foster Care

Children entering the foster care system are often taken from their homes very quickly with little time to gather their belongings. Many of them leave with only the clothes they are wearing. Assistance League of Bend is partnering with Every Child Central Oregon to provide clothing bundles for these children.

Through their Operation School Bell® program, Assistance League of Bend recently provided 75 teen clothing bundles to Every Child Central Oregon to distribute to children who are entering the foster care system or are being moved from one foster home to another. The bundles contain thoughtfully selected, age-appropriate, clothes including shirts, pants, sweatshirts, socks underwear, and sleepwear.

Assistance League of Bend plans to provide an additional 150 clothing bundles to Every Child Central Oregon this year to help foster children through a difficult and stressful transition. Brieanna Rogers, the Community Investment Coordinator at Every Child Central Oregon, shared that they are “so grateful for Assistance League of Bend’s initial donation and are humbled by their commitment to continue providing clothing bundles on a monthly basis to support Central Oregon youth.”

Contact Janet Martin at  or 541-389-2075, to learn more about the clothing bundle initiative.

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