Operation School Bell® Banners

Assistance League of Bend placed 12 back-to-back banners on six poles in Downtown Bend to
promote Operation School Bell during their fall back-to-school campaign.
To demonstrate the impact of Operation School Bell, each pole highlighted how new clothes
effect local students. The six messages included: elevate self-esteem, improve attendance,
inspire hope, foster learning, promote peer acceptance, and boost graduation rates.
This banner project was orchestrated through the city’s Downtown Bend Business Association.
The banners were placed on the most popular street for dining and shopping in Downtown Bend
and got approximately 25,000 views per day over the 30-day period.
We asked our donors and members to consider taking a picture of a banner and share the
image across their social media channels to support our Operation School Bell efforts.
These Operation School Bell banners will be stored and displayed again next year.

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