Impact Stories



Albuquerque – Assistance League Members Learn More about the Tender Love Community Center

A talk from Mr. Johnson, one of our longtime Sharing Partners, was the highlight of Assistance League of Albuquerque's most recent general meeting. He told us about immigrating from Africa and spending time living on the streets of New York as a homeless man. He actually had money and a passport, but did not know [...]


Diablo Valley – Assistance League TeleCare Celebrates 50 Years

"Caring and Compassion" Abound for Telecare member volunteers, as well! What a bountiful, sometimes unexpected emotional return! Since 1971, member volunteers of TeleCare, a philanthropic program of Assistance League of Diablo Valley, have been making reassurance calls, Monday through Friday, to those in our community who are home- bound. As the chapter's longest standing philanthropic [...]



San Jose – Generosity Doesn’t Take a Break

The lockdown/pandemic/shelter-in-place/coronavirus shutdown, however one wants to refer to it, did seem to bring the entire nation to a standstill. But nothing, no not even a pandemic, could bring the generosity of the people to a halt. Assistance League of San Jose® (ALSJ), a chapter of a nonprofit national organization, has been a recipient of [...]


Northern Virginia – Assistance League members gathered last month to assemble 300 Hugs Pillow packages

When our members gathered last month to assemble 300 Hugs Pillow packages, we were sure they would please the children who received them. They are beautiful heart-shaped pillows, in vibrant patterns, and filled with items that any child would love. But we could not imagine the real-life situations in which those pillows might be used; [...]



Klamath Basin – Chiropractor Donates $4,170 to Assistance League

Back to Health Chiropractic Alliance, located at 621 Klamath Avenue, just celebrated their 20 year anniversary in Klamath Falls. As part of their celebration, on February 1 the practice offered a 20th anniversary special of $20 per visit. They also held a raffle for their patients. Community partners Blue Zones Project, Leap of Taste and [...]