San Jose – Generosity Doesn’t Take a Break

The lockdown/pandemic/shelter-in-place/coronavirus shutdown, however one wants to refer to it, did seem to bring the entire nation to a standstill.

But nothing, no not even a pandemic, could bring the generosity of the people to a halt.

Assistance League of San Jose® (ALSJ), a chapter of a nonprofit national organization, has been a recipient of this generosity. Recently, a local Barnes & Noble Bookstore donated 2,335 children’s books to ALSJ. These books were then distributed by ALSJ members to children‘s shelters, to 10 elementary and 3 middle schools in low socio-economic areas, and to the children’s unit at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. One of the recipients of this generosity sent the following email:

“Dear Assistance League San Jose,
On behalf of the Pediatrics and PICU staff at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, I just wanted to thank you for your generous book donation. We appreciate you choosing to partner with us in positively impacting our patients’ lives. The assortment of books that you recently provided us was perfect for the various populations we serve and we’re sure they will enjoy them! Especially during this difficult time of Covid-19 and the limitations it has brought us all, we are honored that you chose to support our Child Life Program and our services. We couldn’t do this without you. We hope in the future you will keep us in mind for future book drop-offs, as we were so grateful to receive this past one.
Thanks again for your generosity and your friendship!”

Safeway Inc. donated $3,000 to the ALSJ Readers Are Leaders Program. The presentation of the donation was made at a local supermarket reopening celebration. These funds will be used to purchase books for classroom teachers and for children as they wait for the return of in-person learning.

JOANN’s Fabric honored the ALSJ Caring Hands Program with a $100 Handmade Hero Award. The award with the annotation, “thank you for continuing to inspire and help your community using your hands, hearts and minds” could not be a more appropriate acknowledgment to describe the unique, creative and amazing layettes that the ALSJ members crochet/knit every month and donate to the new born babies at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Assistance League of San Jose would not be able to perform all their much-needed community services if it were not for the generosity of the corporations mentioned above and others. Thus, from their “productive hands, compassionate hearts and active minds” ALSJ members thank you!