Albuquerque – “Styles by Miné” at Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Shop on the Corner

Which Albuquerque, New Mexico thrift store has a personal stylist who can help you look great by choosing outfits to lift your spirits and confidence? It’s the Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Shop on the Corner.  Miné is one of the reasons this thrift store was voted by Albuquerque the Magazine as “Best in the City 2021” for best bargain duds and second-hand store. Each Monday, a newsletter highlighting the sales and featured items for the week is sent out to the public. At the end of each newsletter is a section titled “Styles by Miné.” Her topics range from creating displays to appropriate dress when visiting Africa on safari. Miné has a loyal clientele who routinely seek her fashion and clothing advice.

What qualifies Miné as a fashion and stylist expert?  She began her career in Interior and Fashion Design, after briefly modeling in Milan, Italy.  In the U.S., while successfully pursuing her design work, she was also volunteering in hospitals and crisis centers in the community. She says her life has been serendipitous. Each moment led to another more rich and challenging opportunity. A suggestion from a university president to take courses in the field of Psychology led her back to school, and 15 years of studies earned her a Doctorate. She began her career as an intern at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, was then hired, and spent the majority of her career at this world-renowned hospital, where she counseled patients, managed more than 400 volunteers and enhanced Johns Hopkins’s reputation by directing the International Patient Affairs Department. Miné successfully and collegially served multicultural populations to improve their health. She worked with heads of state, the White House, tribal and government officials, as well as the world’s most indigent and needy populations.

Miné is fearless and confident and speaks directly with people. She traveled with an international group of doctors to the war zones of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Panama. It was not unusual for her to have lunch with an ambassador in Italy, then have dinner with a royal family member in the Middle East. She is passionate about diversity (her professional platform) and service to others, which she still pursues, and has trained medical personnel on this. Because she is a child of diplomats, growing up in many countries and among many cultures, she became a storyteller and a child of the world.

Through her work, Miné consulted with the School of Public Health’s new office: the Center for Native American and Alaskan Native Health, which inspired her to research Indian health and spirituality. After studying with many tribal teachers, and learning the historical treaties from an Indian lawyer, she began visiting the Southwest. Like many of us, she fell in love with New Mexico.  Her research on Diseases of the Heart took her to Navajo land. She reflected on the suffering of the Native Americans and felt a connection with their plight. Her research indicated that diseases of the heart were their current main cause of physical suffering and death. Her doctoral dissertation was titled, “In a Voice of the Heart”.  Miné was named by one of the Pueblos, after a long training, on traditional ways, “In two Places”…how appropriate.

While Miné has had many professional roles, she still made time to volunteer since 1970. This makes her 52nd consecutive year of philanthropy, and 4th year with Assistance League. We are fortunate to have Miné as a member, although that is really an understatement. Not only will Miné help you to choose a perfect outfit for any occasion, but she will also raise your confidence and make you feel like a better person for knowing her. Miné notes that she practices Johns Hopkins standards of excellence in everything and lives for her life mission of service to humanity. Miné is also a teacher, storyteller, avid traveler, and a gourmet cook.