Greater San Diego – Making an Impact with Emergency Clothing

On May 15, Susan Pelloth had the opportunity to help a local family in extraordinary circumstances.  In her words, “Today I had the honor of helping one of our El Cajon families with emergecny clothing.  Late last week, their apartment burnt down and they lost everything.  Dad was hospitalized due to burn s he received trying to rescue the two family dogs.  His attempts were not successful.

“Assistance League’s generosity so deeptly touched this family that words of gratification were difficult for them to get out.  They all were so grateful and the children were very excited to have new clothing.  This mom was an excellent shopper and they left with five huge bags filled with clothing in addition to the items Carol bagged for them from Operation School Bell® including socks, undies, school kits, jackets, and a book for each of the children.

“It was an emotional day for me hearing the stories of panic and loss.  I have never ben more proud of my membership in Assistance League of San Diego than I was today! We made a huge difference in the Dooley family’s life today!”