Last Academic Year, Assistance League Diablo Valley Awarded Over
$252,000 to 69 Young Adults.

Helping Students To Achieve Their Educational Goals

This philanthropic program of Assistance League Diablo Valley aids students with college expenses based upon their need, school/community activities and grade point average.  Applicants must be residents of Contra Costa County, California.

We award scholarships to graduating high school seniors applying to four-year colleges/universities, to community college students transferring with junior-level status to four-year colleges/universities or vocational training programs, and to current and former foster youth or kinship youth applying to four-year colleges/universities, community colleges, or vocational training programs.

Additionally, we offer a “Returning to School Scholarship” for non-traditional or re-entry students.  The criteria and application for that scholarship are combined into a single document* [both fill-in and pdf].

Recipients of any of our scholarships may not be a chapter member, including Assisteens®, relative of a chapter member, or an employee of Assistance League Diablo Valley.

Review the information below to see if you qualify.  Download and read the criteria for the application that is right for you. Then download the Fill-in Scholarship Application [or the pdf version if needed].   Complete the application along with any other required documentation as stated in the scholarship criteria.

Note to Applicants:
The application is provided in two formats:
1. Fill-in word document that you can complete on a computer or,
2. Pdf version to print and complete by hand.  

We prefer to receive a fill-in application that you have completed on a computer.  If the fill-in application behaves poorly or can’t work for you, download the pdf version and complete it by hand. Note that the fill-in application will not work with a smart phone and may not work with a tablet.  

Whether you complete the application on a computer or by hand, once it is completed you must print and sign your application. Community College, High School and Lisa Parker Hurst applicants must also get your advisor’s signature where indicated on the application. Then mail or deliver the completed and signed application and all other required materials as directed in the criteria for your chosen scholarship. 

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION [for all scholarships listed below, except Returning to School]

2024-2025 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION [word fill-in form]

2024-2025 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION [pdf version]

– Community College Scholarship

Up to $4,000 award to full-time community college student transferring in the fall of the current academic year as a junior to a 4-year college or university. Financial need.  Minimum gpa 3.0. Academic achievements, school activities, community involvement, employment, special circumstances considered. Resident of Contra Costa County.


– Lisa Parker Hurst High School Scholarship

Must attend College Park, Concord, Mt. Diablo, Pittsburg, or Ygnacio Valley High School in Contra Costa County, CA. Up to $2,500 awarded to a graduating high school senior entering an accredited four-year college. 2.8 – 3.5 grade point average is required on official transcript and must have financial need.


– High School Scholarship

Up to $6,000 given to graduating high school senior entering a 4-year college.  Financial need. Academic achievements, school activities, community involvement, employment, special circumstances considered.  Minimum gpa 3.0.  Resident of Contra Costa County.  Only complete applications including one school recommendation, one community recommendation, a financial report and a personal statement will be considered.


– Foster Youth/Kinship Scholarship

This scholarship offers awards up to $4,000 to current or former dependents of the court in the foster care program (1) of Contra Costa County and living in that county or elsewhere, or (2) of another county and living in Contra Costa County. High school graduates, G.E.D. recipients, or other students eligible to attend or enrolled in an accredited four-year college, community college or vocational school, or community college graduates transferring to an accredited four-year college or university. 


– Vocational/Technical/Trade Scholarship

Up to $4,000 awarded to students who are enrolling or enrolled in a vocational, trade or career technology educational program. This reward is renewable to complete their program.  Financial need.  Minimum gpa 2.5.


– Return to School Scholarship

Up to $4,000 will be awarded to a returning student.  Student must be a high school graduate with a minimum 2.5 GPA or a GED recipient, planning to attend or currently enrolled in an accredited community college or vocational school.  Applicant may also be transferring to a 4-year school from a community college.  Must be a non-traditional student or a re-entry student who has significantly delayed enrollment in an academic institution or has significant gaps in their educational path.

The link below will download both the criteria and application.