Website Privacy Policy

This website is operated by Assistance League of Greater Portland. It is recognized that visitors to this site are concerned about the information provided and how that information is treated. The chapter cares about the privacy of its website visitors and therefore does not sell or otherwise make available personal information to any person or organizations.

The chapter’s website may contain “links” to other sites not affiliated with the chapter. Every effort is made to link to sites that share the same standards regarding your privacy. However, since Assistance League of Greater Portland is not responsible for the privacy practices of other such sites, users are encouraged to be aware, when they leave this site, to read the privacy statements of each and every website they visit. The information contained in the privacy policy statement of Assistance League of Greater Portland is for the website of this chapter only.

This website and the website of National Assistance League contain trademarks, service marks, graphics and text that are the property of Assistance League of Greater Portland and/or National Assistance League. These properties may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed without the prior written consent of Assistance League of Greater Portland or National Assistance League. Except as expressly provided above, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license or right under copyright or other intellectual property right. Further information on the rules for trademark usage can be found at

The names of individuals and businesses appearing on the website have been so placed with both their express and implied knowledge. Personal information shall not be divulged for any reason unless a link to that certain person or business has been granted and is in place on this website.

This website takes every precaution to protect the user’s information. When the user submits sensitive information via this website, the information is protected both online and off-line. When a registration form or donation form asks for the user to enter sensitive information such as credit card number, that information is encrypted and protected by encryption software. The information provided shall only be divulged to members of the chapter needing access to this information, such as the Treasurer’s office.

We maintain records of all contributions to Assistance League of Greater Portland. Authorized members of the chapter may contact you to obtain additional information. This may be done through electronic or telephonic means or through postal mail. You may choose to opt out from or restrict the use of your contact information by contacting the chapter through one of the methods below. Donor names and addresses shall not be shared, unless required by law, or sold to outside organizations, and such policy shall be disclosed to donors. Unless requested not to do so by the donor, the chapter may list the donor’s name and donation category in publications of the chapter that may be seen by individuals outside of the chapter. This information may be contained in documents including, but not limited to annual reports, press releases, grant applications and community newsletters. Donors may contact the chapter to view copies of annual reports, IRS Form 990 or othe financial documents prior to making the donation. Donor may also ask for examples of prior publications showing the manner in which donor contributions are acknowledged.

Donor Privacy Policy

Assistance League of Greater Portland does not copy, reproduce, publish, post, distribute, share or sell, the Donors name, personal contact information or description of donation to any outside individual or business. Exceptions shall be those required by law, requested in Grant applications, or in connection with bank credit or debit card transactions, that may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor. We value the privacy of our customers, supporters and email subscribers. Names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of supporters who wish to receive our advertisements and other literature will not be shared, unless required by law, or sold to outside organizations.

Assistance League of Greater Portland may acknowledge donors by name and/or description of donation, in materials, such as but not limited to, chapter newsletters, brochures, press releases, event invitations or programs, or the organization’s website. A donor wishing to view samples of these publications may do so by contacting the chapter at the address below. A donor may request to have their name withheld from publication by notifying us in writing at the address below.

If a donor chooses to opt out of any acknowledgement listings in printed material, the donor’s name and address will be made available only to members and/or staff of Assistance League of Greater Portland who are responsible for managing the business of the chapter. A printed copy of Assistance League of Greater Portland’s Donor Privacy Policy will be mailed to a donor upon request and is also available on the chapter’s website.

All records of donations to Assistance League of Greater Portland shall be maintained by the chapter according to the applicable standards of record retention in effect at the time of the donation. All records will be maintained in a secure location of the chapter.

Assistance League of Greater Portland operates Assistance League Shops, including thrift and consignment shops. The names of donors contributing to the thrift shop are never made public without the donor’s permission.