The barrier to a bright future can seem high.

Hope is a powerful force. When there is hope, anything becomes possible. For many aspiring students, it is hard to envision a bright future when the financial means to pursue your dreams are out of reach.

Education is the best defense against poverty.

Assistance League of Houston Scholarship Program awards need-based scholarships to selected graduating seniors demonstrating academic promise.  Counselors at Sharpstown High School, Memorial High School, Northbrook High School, Spring Woods High School, Westchester Academy, The Pro-Vision Academy YES Prep, and The Briarwood School distribute applications to students who meet our criteria.
In addition, we support the HCC VAST program (Vocational Advancement and Skills Training) at Houston Community College, a program that provides post-secondary transition programs and comprehensive support services.  Program options include vocational certificates, pre-college and freshman success bridge courses, career readiness credentials, internships, and employment assistance.

Offering Inspiration

We believe our investment not only provides financial stability for our students, but also strengthens the workforce in the Houston area.



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Dearest Donors,

I want to start off by thanking you for this opportunity, I hope everyone is doing well. With the whole pandemic going on our lifestyle has come to change as well and we live a life of constant chaos. For that reason, I feel incredibly thankful because even through everything they find generosity to bless us with aid further than our education in high school, which is something that has become rare these days. I am incredibly lucky and for that I want to thank Yes prep Brays Oaks, they have done nothing but be amazing a major part of my education and have prepared me for college. I am moving forward to my second semester of nursing at the University of Houston Downtown, and I am so excited to see what this semester has in store for me. I am one step closer to achieving my goal of one day becoming a nurse practitioner.

This past semester was honestly awesome. As a first-year student you always hear how hard and horrible college is and you hear many people dropping out the first few weeks. In my case my first semester was not all so bad as everyone talks about. I enjoyed my classes and the material I studied was also remarkably interesting. I ended up with A’s and B’s, I am not saying it was easy. It was stressful and at times overwhelming. But I overcame those obstacles and cannot help but feel optimistic and hope for the best for this upcoming semester as well.

This scholarship has impacted me because it has helped me financially in college. I was having trouble at the beginning of this semester in the area that I had lost my job and I had no idea what I was going to do. Other than the Federal aid I had received I knew that my tuition was not going to be payed of completely because I was taking multiple classes due to my program being ahead of time. So my advisor scheduled me certain classes I needed, I had no idea that the total was going to come to a bigger amount than I had calculated so I found myself very down and confused. This scholarship was my helping hand and it made me feel more comfortable in my financial situation, and in general boosted my confidence as a college student.

For this upcoming semester, I will be a full-time student. I am going to be taking eight classes, some fully online and some hybrid. I know that this is a lot for certain students, but I am confident I can do it if I manage my time correctly and set my mind to what I want to do. I cannot wait to make my family proud and say I am finally done with my first year. I hope to continue studying and growing as a student. I am eager to continue my studies and I cannot wait to see what the future has ahead of me. Thank you again for choosing me and allowing me to be a great part of this opportunity. I promise to keep giving it 100% every day.

A Grateful Student

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Dear donors from Assistance League of Houston,

Hello, my name is Matthew Garcia, and I am a former alumnus of Yes Prep-Southeast. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. It means a lot to me to have been given this scholarship and attend my dream school with scholarship money provided by you. My first semester at Texas A&M University has been somewhat good, as I have made many friends, many memories, and have learned a lot! I had a pretty hard time adjusting to the college student life. It unfortunately brought down my grades but I managed to fix it and get back on path and ended up finishing way better than I had started! I also made many connections with people in our Athletics department at Texas A&M, specifically football, as I was able to get a job as a Performance Nutrition student worker for athletics. These connections I have made throughout this first semester have helped me tremendously in helping guide me through my future career, as I hope to work with college and professional athletics. This scholarship has helped me so much this semester not having to worry about how I’m going to finish paying for college. I have friends who are taking the same classes as me struggle in trying to find ways to pay for their tuition and stay at A&M. Therefore, you giving me this scholarship opportunity has helped me focus strictly on school without having to worry about any financial difficulties. This semester, I plan to take double science courses so I can work my way up to finish my bachelors in Kinesiology in 3 years and then get my master’s degree in athletic 2 years from Texas A&M. I want to possibly look into doing some research this semester and making more connections with the athletics staff there at A&M, as the school has many highly qualified individuals with careers that I am interested in taking part in hopefully in the future! Thanks again for this opportunity and I wish you well! Thanks, and Gig em!!

Matthew Garcia

Dear Assistance League of Houston Scholarship Donors,


Thank you for having me as one of your participates, and helping me out financially this school year. I am currently in my second semester as a freshman at St. Thomas University, and I’m hoping to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.


My first semester was challenging, as it was my first ever experience in college, it has taught me to become a young responsible adult. I developed new skills that have helped me in my college journey, l learned to manage my time wisely, find new study methods, and be more open to meeting new people. I was nervous at first when taking my nurse class because this was going to be my first ever class in learning the human body, and the massive amount of information that we learn can be stressful. Every day we learn new information and perform labs as well with our classmates. It’s also important why we need to show up for the class because it will be hard to recover from the class we missed and try to learn the new lesson by ourselves. I will confess that I was failing my nurse class at the beginning of the semester I was trying my hardest to raise my grade. I was truly having doubts whether this career was right for me, and my mom comfort me in saying it was ok if in the end I wasn’t going to pass but to always finish strong. She was right I passed my class with a C+ and the grade that you need to pass to continue is a C. This motivated me to always believe in myself and it just takes 100% dedication in achieving your goals.


St. Thomas has provided many opportunities to engage in the community to build new friendships/relationships with the student body and faculty. With the help of my family and this scholarship, I can fulfill my dream goal of becoming a nurse. I promise you this opportunity to further my education will not be wasted and I will continue to work my best potential to succeed. Not only do I want to make my family proud but also this support system as well to see you that you guys did not make a mistake when helping me financially with my studies. Once again thank you.


Paulina Salazar
College: St. Thomas University

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