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Scholarships for Laguna Beach High School Seniors and the Military

Assistance League of Laguna Beach grants scholarships to aspiring Laguna Beach High School seniors and military personnel and their families.  The scholarships assist students pursuing post-secondary academic and vocational programs.

Scholarship applications are available to all Laguna Beach High School seniors. A Scholarship committee made up of five Assistance League of Laguna Beach members and the VP, Philanthropic Programs reviews the scholarship applications.  Applications are evaluated using the following guidelines:

  • Home and Financial Needs
  • School Grades
  • Community Service, School Activities, Extracurricular Activities and/or Employment

Scholarships are awarded as follows:

  • $5,000 to students attending a four year college or university
  • $2,500 to students attending a two year institution
  • The amount of the scholarship for students attending a trade school is determined by the Scholarship Committee

Assistance League of Laguna Beach works with Homefront America to identify scholarship candidates among military personnel and their families.

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