Thank you to our Legacy Donors for Helping

“Ensure a Child’s Success”
P. and C. Alexander
A. and J. Bear

J. and B. Charles
K. and H. Clark
R. and L. Conti
B. R. Dunn

H. J. Frederick
B. Gebler
C. Geigle
G. and C. Guckert
L. Laney

A. and J. Manwaring
M. Marvin
S. and E. Matheus
N. and S. Schaefer
M. C. Stoke
A. and M. Shreeve

M. and V. Ummel
T. Weber
S. and D. Wolfe
* Anonymous Donors

“We have been actively involved with Assistance League® of North Coast since 2009. During that time, we have served in leadership roles in the organization and have given of our time to contribute to the development of a truly philanthropic, all-volunteer organization built on a shared mission to enable all students to attend school with confidence and dignity. The Assistance League® of North Coast will be a part of our legacy in the years to come.”

    • – K. and H. Clark
Anna & Jay Manwaring - giving paga 02-10-2024 posted croped

For over 30 years I have been active in Assistance League and have seen the tremendous impact its many programs have on the children of our area. The growth of Assistance League, supported by our thrift shop, grants, the Legacy Giving and generous donations, has allowed us to: clothe children in need, provide books for school libraries, give scholarships to graduating seniors as well as to teachers, and so much more. None of this would happen if it weren’t for our over one hundred volunteers, who give of their time to reach children of all ages. We are entirely a volunteer organization with the desire to help these children reach their full potential. The members of Assistance League inspire me.

Having served in leadership positions on many of Assistance League’s boards and committees has truly been a privilege. The real reward though is participating in their hands-on programs. I have seen the joy in a young boy’s eyes as he said, “You mean this blanket is for me? Now I can have my very own and won’t have to share with my mom!” Or seeing children’s eyes sparkling as if it were Christmas, as they take home their first, brand new book to keep.

As you can see, I’m proud of all the above, as well as our many other programs. It is definitely in my future plans to continue supporting the Legacy Giving in such a worthwhile cause…investing in the future of the children in our tri-city area.

– A. & J. Manwaring