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Operation Camp Pendleton supports low-income United States Marine Corps families stationed at Camp Pendleton by enhancing the social condition of the families and educational experiences of their children. We have developed specific events for military families at Camp Pendleton to show our appreciation for their service and address some of their known needs

Economic stability is an issue for our young, low-ranking military personnel with children. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly one in four children at Department Of Defense schools are eligible for free meals, a program that’s based on income. We owe them and their families our support


  1. Spring Baskets: In the spring, volunteers assemble Easter baskets for approximately 150 preschoolers at the Armed Services YMCA at Camp Pendleton.

2.  Action Week:  Our volunteers provide two new nursery school books to approximately 150 children enrolled in the Armed Services YMCA program at Camp Pendleton.

3.  Operation School Bell®:  In August, we coordinate with seven Assistance League chapters to provide school clothing and supplies to the children of military families at Camp Pendleton.  Each chapter has an area of responsibility. We provide leggings and jeans to the girls.

Events Wholly Sponsored:

4.  Welcome Baskets: Military families newly transferred to Camp Pendleton cannot bring with them certain provisions like cleaning supplies, condiments, and spices.  This causes a financial burden on the families.  It is also causing a drain on Camp Pendleton’s food pantry which was set up for families with food insecurity. Our volunteers shop for the needed provisions which fit into three grocery bags. These bags are then gifted to the newly arrived families. Sponsors:  Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation and O. L. Halsell Foundation.

5.  Adopt-A-Military Family – We adopt ten military families, with a combined number of children of 27, and provide holiday gifts. As any parent knows, it is joyful to watch your children excitedly open their holiday presents. Sponsors: Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation and Macy’s Corporate Giving.

6.  Children’s Learning Center – We have donated to entertaining and educational STEAM learning materials to the Armed Services YMCA’s after-school learning center at Camp Pendleton,   Sponsor: Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation.

7.  Preschool Park – We funded the construction of a children’s park at Camp Pendleton.  Restricted Donation: Sandra Ewing.





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Helping military families keep our force strong, healthy and ready to defend this nation