Assistance League of Wichita, a chapter of National Assistance League, is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults through community-based philanthropic programs that address the needs of the Wichita Community.

With numerous programs and activities offered, most members maintain a steady involvement throughout the membership year while getting to know the broad and diverse needs of the Wichita community.  YOU decide how, when and where you wish to be involved.

NEXT STEP?  Contact us at info@alwichita.org or stop in at the Thrift Shop to ask for Membership Information.  A Membership Committee member will contact you, answer questions and give a brief overview of programs and activities as well as arrange your tour.  You will meet members as well as see examples of work underway.  You will receive a copy of the Annual Report and a Membership Information packet.  After you join, you will have the opportunity to select your areas of interest during Orientation.


Voting Members: $80.00 annual fee and participate in a one-time Orientation and Training meeting.  You receive a monthly newsletter, name tag, ALW shirt and annual member directory.  You are encouraged to attend Monthly General Membership meetings, exercise full voting rights, attend other ALW activities and support the ALW mission by working on a committee, team or project.  You establish the amount of time you wish to commit.  You are encouraged to become a program or activity committee member, and grow into a committee chair or advance to Board leadership.

Non-Voting Members:  $110.00 annual fee.  These members are dedicated to ALW although they may have travel, health or life issues defining limited involvement.  You receive a monthly newsletter, name tag and annual member directory.  You are welcome to attend the Monthly General Membership meeting, ALW activities and provide aid to chapter philanthropic goals.  These members do not serve in chair or other elected positions.