There are several considerations to selecting a membership option. The first and foremost is consistent commitment to work on a project, philanthropic program or fundraising.

  • Full voting members are active in working the Thrift Shop, philanthropic programs or special events. They are eligible to hold office and organizational leadership.
  • Non-voting members are loyal to our mission but maybe limited in time to support at program or event. They support the organization through dues and are not able to hold office.
  • A Community volunteer acts in a limited capacity on special events or specific support tasks such as the Sorting Room or Ginger Bread Village. They are not able to hold office or collect money at events or at the Thrift Store.

Contact a member to visit an event or philanthropic program. Come by the Thrift Shop for a tour. Then ask about our membership orientation.

  • Month and day only
  • (if employed 30 Hours/Week minimum)
  • Please provide name and contact information.
  • Please provide name and contact information.
  • Summary of Voting Membership Obligations: 1) Annual dues of $65.00, 2) Orientation and training, 3) Meetings Monthly, 4) Willingness to support the Mission of Assistance League of Wichita.
  • Check as many as apply.