Contact a member to visit an event or philanthropic program. Come by the Thrift Shop for a tour. Then ask about our membership orientation.

Download Membership paper form


Below you can fill in the form and it will be delivered electronically to our Membership VP.

  • There are three levels of Membership. Active members dues are $65 and can participate in all events and serve on the Board. Nonvoting dues are $95 and are patrons that support our activities. Community volunteers help with specific short term events and pay no dues.
  • Month and day only
  • (if employed 30 Hours/Week minimum)
  • Please provide name and contact information.
  • Please provide name and contact information.
  • Summary of Voting Membership Obligations: 1) Annual dues of $65.00, 2) Orientation and training, 3) Meetings Monthly, 4) Willingness to support the Mission of Assistance League of Wichita.
  • Check as many as apply.

Dues Payment

  • (If different than the name provided above.)
  • ( All changes will be reviewed by the VP of Membership.)
  • $0.00