FIRST-YEAR SCHOLARS:  2022-2023 ALW Scholarships were awarded to 14 Wichita Public Schools graduates for their initial year of study at Butler Community College (BCC) or WSU Tech.  These outstanding students seek to obtain an AA degree and/or certification in these challenging programs that will launch them into their chosen fields at the conclusion of their two-year programs.  Each one demonstrated educational promise, strength of character and challenging personal and/or family circumstances requiring financial assistance.

Members of the ALW Scholarship Committee visited each student to present the scholarship award letters and plant congratulatory signs in their yards.


  • Jesse Bartlett, Northeast HS, Law Enforcement
  • Arai Cobos-Lopez, Northwest HS, Criminal Justice
  • Greg Davis, Southeast HS, Fire Science
  • Andrea Granados, South HS, Nursing
  • Tatiana Kamhanri, North HS, The Nancy Cochener Scholar, Nursing


  • Susan Acevedo, Southeast HS, Nursing
  • David Campos, South HS, Computer Support Specialist
  • Hassan Emile, South HS, Aviation Maintenance
  • Josue Guzman, South HS, Aviation Maintenance
  • Marianna Ledesma, West HS, Digital Marketing
  • Hussein Mulenda, Southeast HS, Auto Technology
  • Kalef Nava-Barcelo, Southeast HS, Welding

SECOND-YEAR SCHOLARS:  4 students from the 2021-2022 class of awardees received 2022-23 second-year scholarships to complete their courses of study.  In addition to scholarships, ALW provided OPERATION SCHOOL BELL food and clothing gift cards for the siblings of each Scholar.

  • Rakailah Hill, Southeast HS, The Nancy Cochener Scholar, BCC, Nursing
  • Everett Marsh-Ackerman, South HS, WSU Tech, Information Systems Technology
  • Alondra Paredes, North HS, BCC, Nursing
  • Anahy Quezada, North HS, BCC, Nursing

COMPLETING 2021-2022:  ALW Scholarship mentors also visited 9 additional members of the 2021-2022 second-year class of recipients.  These students, continuing their studies, received OPERATION SCHOOL BELL food and clothing gift cards for their siblings.

  • Luis Barron, West HS, WSU Tech, Automotive Service Technology
  • Sofia Cazarez-Gonzalez, Southeast HS, The Nancy Cochener Scholar, BCC, Healthcare Administration & Management
  • Paola Cordero, North HS, WSU Tech, Dental Assistant
  • Richard Dang, Southeast HS, WSU Tech, Machining Technology
  • Susana Hernandez, South HS, The Clarence Koch Scholar, BCC, Accounting
  • Tamia Langford, Southeast HS, WSU Tech, Information Technology
  • Christian Lopez, North HS, The Berry Foundation Scholar, WSU Tech, Welding
  • Ivan Nunez, South HS, WSU Tech, Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Estrellita Quinones, North HS, WSU Tech, Dental Assistant

Thank you to all who donate and shop with Assistance League of Wichita.  You helped provide scholarships and encourage these youth and their brothers and sisters to remain in school.

Previous Scholarship Recipients


The ALW SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM volunteers changed budget priorities to insure full funding for 11 students eligible for 2nd year scholarships for WSU Tech and Butler Community College (BCC) certifications or degrees. With remaining funds and four named scholarships, seven USD 259 graduating seniors also received first-year scholarships to enroll in technical/vocational programs at WSU Tech or BCC.. The Nancy Cochener Scholarships were granted to Rakailah Hill for BCC Nursing and Jesus Trevizo for BCC Engineering Technology Design programs. The Clarence Koch Scholarship will send Susana Hernandez to the BCC Accounting Assistant program. The Berry Foundation Scholarship supports Christian Lopez for the WSU Tech Welding program. A total of 300 USD 259 graduates have received first-year scholarships since 1988, and 41 second-year scholarships have been granted since 2015-2016.




Eight members of Assistance League of Wichita traveled greater Wichita (in beautiful, welcome sun) to surprise 15 USD 259 graduating seniors with “safer at home” celebrations of their academic accomplishments. Each one received a full scholarship to Butler Community College or WSU Tech for the 1st year of study toward completing certifications as nurses, other medical professionals, police science and more.




We began the Assistance League of Wichita Scholarship program in 1988 for students attending WATC, Wichita Area Technical College, and awarded 4 scholarships.  The program has evolved into what it is today which is a unique scholarship because it targets students with financial need who are graduating from the Wichita Public School seeking Vocational/Technical certification.  These students were required to attend either WATC or Butler County Community College (BCCC).  The intent was they would graduate with a degree/certification enabling them to join the work force.  Later, the mentor program was added which pairs each student with an ALW mentor who guides and supports the student throughout the year.  Most of these students are the first in their family to seek a post secondary education.

Since its inception, we have helped 293 area high school students pursue their dreams.

In 2016, we began offering a second year of education to those students successfully completing the first year.  The first year mentor stays in place.  Over time, in many instances a true friendship develops between the mentor and mentee.

In 2017-18, WATC formed a new partnership with Wichita State University becoming WSUTech.  This year donations from local foundations and contributions from Assistance League members enabled us to award over 20 scholarships. Each student received funding for tuition, fees and books.  Most recently we awarded 15 scholarships.  Over time, while our budget for scholarships has increased so has the cost of an education.

Scholarships Awarded 2020-21

Scholarships Awarded For 2019-20

Sixteen USD 259 graduating seniors, who demonstrated significant financial need, received 1st year scholarships for technical/vocational programs at WSU Tech and Butler Community College. In addition, 7 recipients were awarded 2nd year scholarships to complete their certification programs. We welcome these youth into our local work force as nurses, dental assistants, auto and aviation mechanics, firefighters and police, IT specialists and more. Each scholarship student is mentored by an ALW member throughout their college years.

Scholarships Awarded For 2018-19

ALW encourages Wichita high school graduates to dare to dream! In April 2018 24 1st and 2nd year scholarships were awarded for vocational programs at WSU Tech and Butler Community College.

Scholarships Awarded For 2017-18

Scholarships Awarded for 2016-17

If you or your organization would like to support our programs, please contact us at info@alwichita.org.