Scholarship program started in 1988

We began the Assistance League of Wichita Scholarship program in 1988 for students attending Wichita State University Technical School (WSUtech) and we awarded four scholarships.  From then, the program has built into what it is today which is really a unique scholarship because it targets students showing financial need who are graduating from Wichita Public Schools, who are seeking Vocational/Technical Certification at either WSUtech or Butler County Community College (BCCC) and it covers books, tuition, fees, tools and required materials for one full year. Plus an Assistance League member of the Scholarship Committee is a mentor to support the student throughout the year.

Since the inception we have helped more than 200 area high school students to pursue post-secondary education at WSUtech or BCCC. In 2016, we began offering an extension for those students who are successful and need an additional year for program completion.

In 2017-2018, the WSUtech formed a new partnership with Wichita State University. So most of these technical certificates will show a program completion from Wichita State University. This is an added benefit for our students who may also seek additional education or pursue a four year degree.

This Fiscal Year (FY 2017-18) to Date:

Donations from local foundations and contributions from Assistance League member volunteers enabled Assistance League of Wichita to establish over 20 scholarships in 2017-18. Each student received funds for tuition, supplies and tools. An Assistance League member is also paired as a mentor for each scholarship recipient.

In 2015, Assistance League of Wichita membership approved a change that would allow us to offer a 2nd year scholarship to students wishing to continue and who have proven themselves in the first year.  We believe this is a great incentive for our students to succeed in their goals


Last Fiscal Year (FY 2018-19):

In 2016-17 we had 36 applicants and served 19 students.



FY 2015-16:

This year 25 students applied and 13 students were served.



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