Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning analyzes present programs and activities and develops future goals and objectives. This year’s committee is utilizing the National Assistance League Strategic Planning Handbook in conjunction with Appreciative Inquiry Process. 

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

What is Appreciative Inquiry? Video

The Strategic Planning met on August 21st to begin our journey of “Celebrating What’s Right” with the Covina Valley Assistance League chapter.  We have such a rich history in our membership combined with new faces who bring their knowledge to add to our pool of collective wisdom.

As we begin to revise our strategic plan for this next three-year cycle, we need ALL of our membership to contribute input.  This year we are excited to be working with the Appreciative Inquiry process which will help us reach out to all members and discover the best of what already exists in our chapter.   In addition, we will be dreaming together to design our future destiny for “Supporting Our Community One Life at a Time”.