Hug in A Box

Hug in a Box, provides a helping hand in our community. The intent of this program is to be a multi-faceted endeavor that offers assistance to various groups of people within our community all of whom are requiring a helping hand or simple acts of compassion. This year so far we’ve donated to River Community Wellness Center, David and Margaret Youth and Family Services, McKinley Children’s Center, Serenity Foster Care and Stepping Stones Home.

 With support from our membership family, we were able to Donate:

  • 20 hygiene kits and bqackpacks full of school supplies to McKinley Children’s Center
  • 55 Hygiene kits, 100 pairs of socks, 30 packages of underwear and 10 vouchers for our Thrift Shop to River Community Wellness Center
  • 8 TAY (transitional aged youth) kits, a laundry basket to David and Margaret Youth and Family Services filled with
    • a blanket
    • towels
    • socks
    • hygiene kit
    • laundry bags
    • first aid kit
    • flashlight w/ batteries
    • make up bag
    • school supplies
    • Thrift Shop voucher
  • 50 Adopt a Bears to David and Margaret Youth and Family Services
  • 42 Christmas gifts, 75 Adopt a Bears, and 12 blankets to Serenity, Inc Foster Care