The Kids on the Block™

This is a fun, educational, and hands-on program, which utilizes scripted puppet shows focusing on bullying, disabilities, gangs, alcohol and drugs, smoking and manners; to educate local elementary school students.

The performances started in May of 2009 with 10 members who had learned the scripts on “Bullying” and “Learning Disabilities”. They initially started performing for third-grade students but soon discovered that fourth and fifth-grade students were also in need of the programs; and in January of 2010, these grades were added. In October 2010, the program expanded to the sixth grade by introducing new skits on “Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs” and “Life Lessons.” By performing with smaller groups of approximately forty, students feel free to discuss and ask questions.

The program is growing, and the 15 member-volunteers, and their captivating puppet companions, performed 42 puppet programs to approximate 3,000 students in the FYE 2016. The feedback from students, counselors and teachers has been very positive.

The presentations focus on bullying, disabilities, gangs, alcohol and drugs, smoking and manners.  The committee is always striving to reach out to schools where they have not performed before.  They always ask for teacher input and suggestions, and they provide a student worksheet so that the messages for the performances can be carried over to the classroom.