Gilbert Elementary Goes on Mission!

Last Tuesday, several Board members and Lit ‘n Lunch Committee members visited the Challenger Learning Center and met with two classes from Gilbert Elementary School as they were getting ready to go on mission!

Their joy at the visit to the planetarium and their upcoming mission was palatable.  You could almost embrace it.  The students were respectful, enthusiastic and excited!  Their teachers were appreciative of the opportunity these children received.  Just check out the smiling faces in the photo from the visit.

This mission and nine additional missions were provided by the honorarium for Dr. June Scobee Rodgers, our keynote speaker at the recent Lit ‘n Lunch fundraiser.  Her organization provided us an opportunity to touch our community by allowing her honorarium to remain in San Antonio and fund ten (10) missions at the Challenger Learning Center for Harlandale ISD 5th grade students.

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