Decorated Caps Bring Smiles to Faces

Three times a month, ladies gather to decorate caps for children and other patients undergoing chemotherapy.  The caps are distributed to ten hospitals and facilities in the San Antonio area to be further distributed to the patients.  Each cap is different and the decorators are only limited by their imaginations.  Cut-out fabric figures, glue, fabric paint and creativity are the tools these ladies use to produce an amazing 150 caps a month.

Many groups, families or organizations who are looking for a community service project have enjoyed working in this program.

During 2017-2018, 1,300caps and 296 blankets were provided..

The program was expanded in 2016-2017 to include the distribution of blankets to patients of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center.  In the inauguaral year, 174 blankets were distributed.

The cpas and blankets provide cheer and warmth for many patients and their families so they might know they are cared for and thought about by organizations beyond hospitals and care programs.

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You have always taken care of our campers very efficiently.  We have appreciated the opportunity to have campers help decorate as well.  They truly appreciate that people want to do things just for them.  The caps provide a psychological lift, but they also serve a practical purpose of protecting them from the July sun during camp.

Sue Dodson