Assistance League of San Antonio hosts two fundraisers each year to which the public are invited — Lit ‘n Lunch, a luncheon with guest authors, and Treasures At Twilight, a gala.

San Antonio is a vibrant blended culture centered around the Alamo and all that it stands for.  Each spring, Fiesta is celebrated in San Antonio with myriad events, two of which Assistance League of San Antonio participates.  A wreath is secured and members of Assistance League join the Pilgrimage to the Alamo and lay our wreath to honor the men and women who fought for the freedom of Texas.  The second event is the Battle of Flowers, a parade through town celebrating the culture of San Antonio.  Traditionally, we decorate an antique convertible car with flowers that honor the theme of the year.  The chapter president and auxiliary chairman ride in the car using their best “queen” waves, raising awareness of Assistance League.