Togs For Tots

provides new clothing, personal care kit, jacket, and an age-appropriate reading book . School uniforms are provided to Head Start programs. This program is carried out in collaboration with local social service agencies and several schools whose staff determine which at-risk children will be the recipients.

In 2020-2021, 3,933 children and their families were impacted and member volunteers contributed 2,240 hours in support of this program.

Each child receives:

  • two complete outfits
  • a personal grooming kit
  • an age-appropriate book
  • six pairs of socks
  • for ages three and above, underwear and a jacket
  • for infants, newborn through three months, a baby gown lovingly sewn by member volunteers

Blessed Sacrament Academy said this:

We created a small video of some of our children with their “Togs for Tots” bags and the smiles on their faces tell it all!  We hope you are able to share this with your amazing team of volunteers at ALSA.
On behalf of our staff, teachers, Sisters, children and families—please accept our gratitude and blessings.
I am a Family Support Worker with The City of San Antonio through the Head Start Program and I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of your volunteers through the Togs for Tots Program. These awesome bags you all put together for our families in need mean so much to the little children we serve and although you don’t get to see their excited faces when they receive them I assure you it has made their day. So again, a BIG THANK YOU to your agency and the people who selflessly serve their time to put these together. I am so thankful and appreciative of your organization and dedication.  Keri, Family Support Worker, Head Start/Department of Human Services

Dearest Assistance League of San Antonio,  I received my son’s package and we want to thank you for your assistance you provided us especially during this hard time.  We appreciate it very much.  We are very grateful to be here in the Blessed Sacrament Academy Parenting Class and blessed we have so many people that care and are willing to help me out.  Thank you once again.


Dear Assistance League of San Antonio,  Thank you for the big bag of baby goodies.  I really appreciate it so much.  I’ve been struggling a lot moneywise and it’s nice to know there’s good people that really care.  The things in the bag were some things I was actually going to go buy today.  I just wanted to thank you and I really appreciate the handmade pajamas.  It’s my favorite.  Thank you so much for it.


There is someone that care!  People as kind as you bring more inspiration to me.  Make me have hope!  For the people of Assistance League of San Antonio, just know that you make a difference in people’s lfie.  Y’all my most joyest thanks.


I just want to say thank you Togs 4 Tots for the clothes and hygiene products for Cristian.  It really means a lot to us and it made me and Cristian happy.  I didn’t have socks nor money to buy them.  Thank you so much.  God bless your hearts.

Yessica & Cristian

To the members of the Assistance League of San Antonio,  Thank you for the clothing you gave to my son and to me.  The socks will always come in handy!  The jeans for my son are very nice!  I love them!  The Little Golden Books Collection book was so nice.  It gave me a very happy warm feeling because on the cover is the Pokey Puppy.  I love that book and I grew up with all the Little Golden Books. My mom had just sent me some of the books she held on to!  Have a blessed holiday and a very Happy New Year.


Impact Stories from SAMMinistries

Love comes in many forms, and the love you have shown through your generous donation of childlren’s clothing makes a tremendous impact on the families we serve.  As our families work to overcome obstacles on their paths to independence, your love offers them hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Thank you for your gift of clothing to help homeless famlies.


As SAMMinistries works to overcome homelssness in San Antonio, your gift helps provide basic necessities to families as they take their first steps toward self-sufficiency.  Many families come into SAMMinistries programs with little more than the clothes on their backs.  Your support helps them find the courage to continue on towards stability and success.


Many different circumstances lead families to homelessness and SAMMinistries programs and support services.  Yet, the families have three things in common — they have lost their homes, they are determined to become self-sufficient, and they are extremely grateful for you and your gift of clothing, which has made their journey a little easier.


Thank you for your recent gifts of children clothing.  Although by law we are not allowed to value your donation, we can tell you that it would have cost us approximately $335 to purchase the items you so thoughtfully gave.  Your gift allows us to use that money instead for client services like case management, job training and educational programs.


To our families, your generous gifts are not just towels or food or toiletries.  These items are a physical representation of hope and love, which is so important to families experiencing the lowest point in their lives.  By donating, you help put our famlies on a new path, one that ends in self-sufficiency.


Thank you for your recent gift of children clothing.  By giving items like these, you are providing for more than just physical needs; you are offering hope for a better future to people like Loren and her 2-year-old son.  Now 24, Loren was homeless from age 15 after her step-father found a girlfriend and asked Loren to leave.  She survived on the streets as best she could, but, when she found herself pregnant, she was determined that her baby would have a better life.  At SAMMinistries’ Transitional Living and Learning Center, Loren has been provided with living space, life skills classes, case management, and some basic household necessities.  This is the first time in her life that she has been the recipient of such generosity and positive care, she said, and these gifts have been the physical symbol of hope to her and her son.  You helped give her and others like her that hope, and Loren is forever grateful.


Thank you for your recent gift of clothing, hygiene items and books for 17 children, which was such a blessing during this time of continuing need.