Thank You Screening Eyes Early, from Lotus Preschool

Thank You poster from Lotus School

The Screening Eyes Early (S.E.E.) program recognizes the importance of early screening for amblyopia or lazy eye in preschool children. If amblyopia is not caught at an early age, it could lead to loss of vision in the affected eye. S.E.E. provides vision screening to detect early signs of this condition, and other vision problems that might interfere with their learning progress. Assistance League of San Jose members interested in this program take a 3-hour mandatory training session that explains the process of vision screening and a 3-hour practicum to get hands-on experience with the preschoolers. The practicum provides an opportunity to see the screening process in action, to practice with feedback and to ask questions. The screening results are given to the parents or guardians and identify children who need follow-up and re-screening by a professional. The value of this program cannot be overstated.