Established 1994

Operation School Bell® is the signature philanthropic program of Assistance League. This program purchases school-mandated uniforms for children whose parents welcome the relief of not having to decide whether to buy their children school uniforms or to pay some of their bills. Members order, unload, unpack, sort, label, package, and distribute the new school uniforms to these children in low socio-economic public schools that require a uniform, as well as, to homeless children. Each child receives two pairs of pants, two shirts and two pairs of socks. We deliver thousands of items of clothing to schools in three San Jose school districts for distribution to students by school personnel. In recent years there has been enough funding to also purchase other clothing including sweatshirts for students and shoes for the homeless children. Click here to learn about the history of OSB.

Assistance League of San Jose members adhere to the goals set by the personnel and parents of each school so that all children should have every opportunity to excel at school. By providing students with school uniforms, Assistance League of San Jose is helping students in this effort by taking one distraction away that could keep them from focusing on their studies. School data reported to Assistance League verifies that once the stigma of not having a school uniform is removed, the child feels more a part of the school community and attendance and participation improves.

In 2019, Assistance League of San Jose was awarded the Crystal Bowl Award from the Junior League of San Jose for Operation School Bell.

Unloading pallets of uniforms from the truck
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Your generous donation ensures that we maintain a clear message about being in uniform and prepared for student success. Our students seem proud and prepared to do their very best at school every day. Our community is grateful to count on such wonderful support from local organizations like yours.

Mrs. Linda Diaz-Sepulveda, Principal, Lairon College Preparatory Academy

On behalf of our parents and students who were recipients of your kind generosity, we thank you and your amazing team of volunteers for providing much needed uniforms and jackets to our students. The uniforms and jackets will provide warmth and utility to many of our students and families, and generate a sense of pride, as the students are able to come to school in a clean uniform – “dressed for success.”

Ronald F. Hammond, Principal, Anne Darling Elementary School

Thank you for your generous donation of children’s jackets!! It’s hard to imagine that here in California, the richest State in the country, that we have children who lack coats for the winter. It was breaking our hearts to see these beautiful children coming to school wrapped in cheap blankets to stay warm. But now thanks to you, the children are warm and staying healthy!

Devorah Duncan, Principal, Dorsa Elementary School

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