Established 2007

Readers Are Leaders volunteer in classroom

The purpose of Readers Are Leaders is to instill the love of reading in young students by having volunteers read in their classrooms on a regular basis.

Assistance League of San Jose members entertain, enlighten and encourage the students as they read quality, age-appropriate literature to them. Six times during the school year, volunteers visit 54 second and third grade classrooms at 10 San Jose public schools. On each visit members read two books that are then donated to the classroom library to instill a love of reading and to improve the quality and quantity of the classroom library for in-class reading. Topics cover science, biographies and fiction.

At every reading, teachers are provided with enrichment activities to  extend and reinforce content or lessons learned from the books read that day. Teachers can incorporate these into their curriculum to further engage the children and encourage them to re-read the books.

During the pandemic Readers Are Leaders activities are on hold because students are not at school. We are hoping to provide a modified program when in-person learning resumes.

. . . the best gift is that you keep coming back to share your love of reading – this is the GREATEST gift to me and to my students – one that I cherish each month of your visit.

Dedra Downing, Teacher, Stipe Elementary School

We’ve all loved the book selections so much, and there are always cheers when I let the class know that we will be having a reader visit.  Please know that you and all the others are so appreciated, and that we love your gift of reading to us!

Suzette Takacs, Teacher, Franklin Elementary School

It was always an honor and a big treat for my students and for me to receive your visits. Students found the stories mesmerizing and made true connections to them. Volunteers came in with an open mind, and most important an open heart, ready to share all their knowledge and love with our students. Thank you so much.

Leticia Recio, Teacher, Bachrodt Academy

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