Established 2007

The purpose of Readers Are Leaders is to instill the love of reading in young students by having volunteers read in their classrooms on a regular basis.

Readers Are Leaders volunteer in classroom

Assistance League of San Jose members entertain, enlighten and encourage the students as they read quality, age-appropriate literature to them. On each visit members read two books that are then donated to the classroom library to instill a love of reading and to improve the quality and quantity of the classroom library for in-class reading. Topics cover science, biographies and fiction.

Since in-classroom presentations are not possible for 2020-21, volunteers will prepare three distributions for about 1200 students in 50 participating first, second, third, and fourth grade classrooms at 10 schools in four San Jose public school districts (Alum Rock Unified, Franklin-McKinley, Oak Grove, and San Jose Unified).  The distributions include hardback books for the classroom libraries and paperback books for the students to read and keep at home. Included are enrichment activities to extend and reinforce the content or lessons learned in the books (instructions in Spanish when indicated) plus a personally-written note from a member encouraging the child to continue to enjoy reading while building reading skills. Schools have expressed appreciation of the accommodation and look forward to implementing the distribution plan.

. . . the best gift is that you keep coming back to share your love of reading – this is the GREATEST gift to me and to my students – one that I cherish each month of your visit.

Dedra Downing, Teacher, Stipe Elementary School

Thank you very much for remembering our students at Olinder School. It means so much to me and my students that they are not forgotten and that you will be giving them books. Books are one thing they are lacking because they are not in school, so thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You guys are sure a caring group.

Ana Magallon, Teacher, Olinder Elementary School

“Ms.LoForti, I don’t think I’m going to be able to concentrate today because I have to read this book right now.” Thank you to you and everyone who made it possible for the kids to receive those books. We’re starting our animal research projects in the new year, so the animal books will be perfect for that.

Laurie LoForti, Stipe Elementary School

I love RAL’s plan ! It will be wonderful for our students to have ongoing opportunities to read books year long, especially when they do not have access to classroom and public libraries. I absolutely love the idea of different activities accompanying the books, and that they are translated in Spanish so parents and families can get involved in the reading too.

KatsuriBasu, Principal, Lyndale Elementary School

Organizing Book Bags for Delivery
Lyndale Students with Big Book Gift
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