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Imagine the rewarding feeling of seeing a child’s eyes light up when given a new uniform for school. Get energized by reading to second and third graders or identifying preschoolers with vision problems. Bring laughter and companionship to seniors who are somewhat confined and/or incapacitated. Assistance League members receive immediate feedback and know that they make a difference in the lives of these children and seniors.

Make new friends and celebrate the joy of making a difference in someone’s life. If you want to help make a difference by working with a group of dedicated, talented and fun-loving volunteers, consider becoming a member of Assistance League of San Jose. Assistance League offers unique volunteer opportunities that fit your interest and time.

Join an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in your community. As a member, you will enjoy the benefits and rewards of:

 Volunteering and serving within your own community

 Seeing the power of change in action

 Developing long-lasting friendships

 Experiencing new challenges and opportunities

 Using and developing special talents and leadership skills

 Knowing about resources and becoming aware of issues in your community

If you would like to join us, please email us at We’ll get back to you!

Membership Levels and Requirements


When you join Assistance League of San Jose, a chapter member will act as a sponsor to mentor you during your new member’s orientation period. At the end of the orientation period (your first year) you will “graduate” to full membership if you have fulfilled the graduation requirements.

New Member Graduation Requirements
1. Submit New Member paperwork and dues
2. Get fingerprinted (paid by chapter)
3. Submit approved Whistle Blower and Conflict of Interest Forms
4. Attend all New Member Orientation sessions
5. Purchase a ticket for major annual fundraiser

Welcome to Assistance League of San Jose!


  • Annual Dues: $80
  • Attend chapter meetings
  • Participate in and support the philanthropic programs fundraising activities of the chapter
  • Have the right to vote and hold office
  • Assume a share of financial obligations as voted on by the membership
  • Participate in Operation School Bell®
  • Serve on a chapter committee
Today’s End of the Year Zoom meeting was absolutely wonderful (June, 2021). It was beautifully organized, informational, uplifting in many segments and I congratulate you and all who orchestrated it. I am sure all who watched it and participate in ALSJ feel much like I do. I am proud to be a member and watched how our members, Committee chairs and the ALSJ Board led us through this challenging year with amazing outcomes and results.

Ginny D'Angelo

Member since 2008


  • Annual Dues: $105
  • Participation (monthly meetings, fundraising, committees and programs) is welcome, but as desired
  • Support the mission of the chapter