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Not all families are benefiting equally from the upturn of the economy, so the need for community assistance for some has increased.  Homeless shelters and family assistance centers are full, stretching their ability to feed, clothe and offer support to the many people who use their facilities. Click here to learn about the history of Assist-a-Shelter.

At Family Supportive Housing which provides temporary housing and support to San Jose families in need, Assistance League of San Jose volunteers prepare and deliver dinner once a month for the residents. Volunteers also provide the children in this facility with home-baked cookies for after school snacks, enrichment programs such as a petting zoo, craft day, sessions with Mad Scientists (Bay Area); and special holiday events.

At CityTeam, a community outreach partner, Assistance League of San Jose volunteers sort food including beans, rice, pasta and canned goods into bags for distribution to families in low-income neighborhoods of San Jose. Volunteers also assemble bags of toiletries that can be distributed to individuals and families in need in San Jose communities.

Parisi House of Momentum for Health, is a nonprofit live-in facility for young mothers of children 5 years of age and younger. The mothers are court ordered to the facility to rehabilitate from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Assistance League of San Jose volunteers donate much needed items such as baby diapers, formulas, infant and adult clothing, and books. Volunteers also read during Story Hour at Parisi House. They model reading techniques which the moms can use to read to their children. Many of the ALSJ readers are bilingual and read in both languages. Another language that the moms asked to be taught is Baby Sign Language. The readers obliged and now the Story Hour is filled with delightful stories, much singing of popular children’s song and sign language. Another volunteer favorite is baking cookies for the moms and their children. Cookie recipes are exchanged and the moms have started their own recipe books. This has been quite a successful program enjoyed by both residents and volunteers! Click here to read an article about our program in the June 2023 Parisi House newsletter.

Packing Food at CityTeam
Mad Science Day at Family Supportive Housing
2023 Making Dinner for FSH
2024 Happy Birds at FSH

Assistance League of San Jose has been delivering packages of toiletries to CityTeam. View the video above for more information on how these donations help the homeless.

Learn how Parisi House on the Hill changed a mother’s life.

Family Supportive Housing is so grateful to you and ALSJ for your generous donation of quilts, shirts and Hug a Bears. Not only will the quilts and bears create a welcoming room for residents, but will also let them know that someone cares about them. Thank you for your kindness!

Jennifer Saxton, Family Supportive Housing Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you all at ALSJ for the great homemade cookies! The cookies are used for dessert after dinner, and in our sack lunches we make for the families. We will also start offering them as a snack during our Homework Enrichment online tutoring. We so appreciate ALSJ’s support. Stay safe!

Christi Moyer Kelly, Family Supportive Housing, Inc

Thank You from Family Supportive Housing

Jennifer Saxton, Volunteer Coordinator, Family Supportive Housing

Thank you and ALSJ for all of the kits you’ve donated recently! So many men and women will be blessed!

Sara Juran, Development Project Manager, CityTeam

We can never truly know the reach and potential of the acts of love we leave in this world. You ladies can’t possibly be there for every event, every opening of a gift bag or see every child’s eyes light up as one of you turns the page when reading us a book. You can’t see us when we wrap and tuck our babies in at night in your soft handmade quilts. You can’t see a little girl choose one of the bears you give out become her favorite, her best stuffed animal that’s just the right size to carry around with her everywhere. But I saw. Not every moment, but enough to be able to stand up here and represent every mother and child who have received something special from this League. It is on behalf of all of us that I stand here with  a resounding “THANK YOU!”

Christina Hagen, Mother at Parisi House on the Hill

On behalf of the staff and families of Family Supportive Housing, we would like to thank you for your generous donation of new books and toys. Your donation will ensure the 35 families have a comfortable stay during their 90 days at the shelter. More importantly, they know that there are people in our community who care for them. Please know that your generosity and support make all the difference!

Jeena Banwait, Volunteer Coordinator, Family Supportive Housing, Inc.

Thank you for your donations and the support we receive throughout the year from the Assistance League of San Jose. This year alone your group has provided us with diapers, toiletries, teddy bears, holiday treats, quilts and other items in need. Every item we have received creates a lasting moment that greatly impacts the lives of our mothers and their children. We’re so lucky to have Assistance League as part of our Parisi House Family.

Pat Mitchell, Executive Director, Parisi House on the Hill

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