Hug-a-Bear and American Red Cross Silicon Valley Working Together

Thank You, Hug-a-Bear and American Red Cross Silicon Valley

American Red Cross Silicon Valley and our Hug-a-Bear 🧸 program converged to give a little ☀️ sunshine and comfort to a family that lost their home in a 🔥fire. Erica, an employee of Parisi House, Momentum for Health, shared her story. Listen to the video on our Hug-a-Bear page (under the tab How We Help).

Gloria Cutshall, Chair of the AL of San Jose ‘Parisi House Story Hour’ said, “There has never been a time when I have requested something for one of the programs or committees that I am involved with that my request hasn’t bet met. Most recently this happened when one of the graduate moms at Parisi House told me that her house had burned down and that her family lost everything. I recounted this story to a few of you and voila, Target gift cards, pots, pans, articles of clothing, towels, blankets, dishes, toiletries, and shoes, started coming in. It’s like magic!”