Welcome, Principal Katsuri Basu

Guest Speaker Katsuri Basu, Principal, Lyndale Elementary School

AL of San Jose members were excited to 👏welcome Katsuri Basu, Principal of Lyndale Elementary School, at their monthly regular chapter meeting. Members know that our donations of 📚books, 👕uniforms and sweatshirts are needed in many San Jose schools, but it was wonderful to hear how much they are appreciated. Principal Basu told us that children often come to school without 🧥jackets in the winter, so the school is 💗grateful to have our sweatshirts available to distribute to keep them warm. Teachers report that our Readers Are Leaders sessions contribute to the students’ increasing interest in reading and that the📕📗📘books we leave in the classroom libraries and gift to the children are very important because the main school library is no longer open.

If you want to help the children in the San Jose community, join us!