Book Donations from Barnes & Nobles to Our Programs

“I wanted to give a big Thank You for the book donation! It is a real treat to be able to share these books with our students. These particular books will be used as prizes for our monthly Superstars and Super Readers. The popular titles that you sent are sure to be a hit with the kids. Thank you for everything you do for our school!”
~ Kathryn Torrez
Parent Liaison, Almaden Elementary School


2016_FSH_TYWe truly appreciate your team’s hard work. You helped to ensure that our families staying at the shelter had a wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and laughter. Please know how grateful we are for your commitment to Family Supportive Housing as we continue to provide shelter and supportive service to homeless families in Santa Clara County by empowering them to move from homelessness into self-sufficiency.”
~ Jeena Banwait, Volunteer Coordinator, Family Supportive Housing, Inc.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your generosity and kind spirit. Please know how grateful we are for your commitment to Family Supportive Housing. Your donation of new books and target cards helped ensure that our families staying at the shelter had a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and laughter. ”
~ Sara Tran, Community Resource Manager, Family Supportive Housing, Inc.

Caring Hands

Thank you and your group for the beautiful blankets and outfits.  The mothers appreciate having something so beautiful for their little ones! I also appreciate the hats for our Oncology patients. So nice of you to respond to our request with these hats. This may be a mild winter but even indoors our Oncology patients need something to cover their heads. These beautiful hats are just the thing!”
~ Louise Pileggi, Community Volunteer Chair, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the beautiful blanket we received at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The blanket also came with some beautiful baby booties and attached was a little note saying it was made by a member of your organization. I love this blanket and will forever be grateful. We were not expecting such a beautiful gift so when we received it, it made our day! We have had an overwhelming journey since our son was born with Down Syndrome, but he is loved immensely! Once again, Thank You!!!!! God Bless your organization and every single one of your members that give their time in making such beautiful gifts!!!!!”
~ A very grateful mother (June, 2018)


Thank you for supporting ­­­­­Family Supportive Housing’s work with your generous donations of teddy bears. Your donation will ensure the 35 families have a comfortable stay during their 90 days at the shelter. More importantly, they know that there are people in our community who care for them.
~ Leena Bonwait, Volunteer Coordinator, Family Supportive Housing

“With your donation of 4 boxes x 20 bears = 80 bears for AWH & Holiday Drive…more children and families will still be able to experience a joyful holiday and a special gift. We needed you and you were there – thank you so much
~Edwin Tan, Director of Advocacy and Development, AACI (Asian Americans for Community Involvement)

We are truly honored to be recipients of your generous and thoughtful gifts. On admission, all patients in Pediatrics and Pediatric ICU receive a blanket and a stuffed animal. Please know the bears will be a source of comfort and happiness for so many of our patients. Thank you!”
~ Myrna Heredia, RN, MSN, CPN (and staff)
Nurse Manager, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

I know first hand the positive effect your Hug-a-Bear program has on children, but I also noticed the morale boost the officers felt simply knowing your organization cares for them too. Easing the pain of a child during a call for service is a win/win for everyone involved.”
~ Lieutenant Mike E. Sullivan #2782, Bureau of ield Operations, Southern Div., San Jose Police Department

Operation School Bell®

OSB_TY_Card_2015“The generosity you continue to bestow upon our community is greatly appreciated. The uniforms and jackets will provide warmth and utility to many of our students and families, and generate a sense of pride, as the students are able to come to school in a clean uniform “dressed for success.”
~ Ronald F. Hammond, Principal, Anne Darling Elementary School

I want to thank you on behalf of our students, parents and staff for the generous donations of uniforms. Our students were so happy and can proudly wear their uniforms. ‘It takes a village!’ This saying is true. We are so glad you are a part of our village.”
~ Lisa Montes, Principal, Almaden Elementary School

“Dear Assistance League,
I would like to thank you for the two pair of pants, shirts and socks, and you guys made a difference because I grew out of my uniform last year and so I’m happy to have a new and fresh uniform that fits.
~Student, McCollum Elementary School

“The uniforms provided by Assistance League help our students by taking way the stress many families feel when they are unable to provide their own uniform. Children feel excited to have new clothes; many are accustomed to hand-me-downs. It allows them to come to school excited, worry-free and ready to learn.
~ Rosalinda Marquez, Staff Support, Dorsa Elementary School

“On behalf of the entire Los Arboles learning community, I would like to thank you so much for your generous donation of school uniforms, sweaters and jackets for our students. We thank you so much for helping the families in our school in need of financial assistance during this holiday season.”
Most sincerely, and together in education,
~ Dr. Ricardo Balderas, Principal, Los Arboles Literacy and Technology Academy

Readers Are Leaders

2016_RAL_TY_whiteSm“. . . the best gift is that you keep coming back to share your love of reading – this is the GREATEST gift to me and to my students – one that I cherish each month of your visit.”
~ Dedra Downing, Teacher, Stipe Elementary School

It was always an honor and a big treat for my students and for me to receive the visit of our friends. Students found their stories mesmerizing and made true connections to the stories they read. They were culturally appropriate and opened doors for children to walk into magical worlds they might otherwise not be able to access. Our friends came in with an open mind, and most important an open heart, ready to share all their knowledge and love with our students.. Thank you so much.”
~ Leticia Recio, Teacher, Bachrodt Academy

We’ve all loved the book selections so much, and there are always cheers when I let the class know that we will be having a reader visit.  Please know that you and all the others are so appreciated, and that we love your gift of reading to us!
~ Suzette Takacs, Teacher, Franklin Elementary School

Readers Are Leaders received the following Thank You for the California Buckeye saplings brought to each classroom when RAL read “Tree Lady” by H. Joseph Hopkins (Author) and Jill McElmurry (Illustrator).

“I would like to thank you, ladies, on behalf of Almaden Elementary for the tree donation. Your work with Our City Forest to secure the seedlings is deeply appreciated. Your work with the Readers Are Leaders has such a positive impact on our students. We are planning to plant the trees as part of a memorial next to our friendship bench for our dearly departed teacher, Ms. Karen Williams. I thank you and God Bless!”
~ Lisa Montes, Principal, Almaden Elementary

Screening Eyes Early (S.E.E.)

ThankYouLetterGraphic“Thank you for your continued service to our children. The difference you make is remarkable. When you did your vision screening, you found one child to need a referral. To update you on his status he has been seen by an optometrist and was prescribed glasses.”
~ Char Pick, Program Director – Kinderwood Children’s Center

Thank you all for coming to the center and doing our screening.
As a result of your visit, one of our students has been to the eye doctor and is proudly sporting new glasses.”
~ Jeanine Rodriguez, Center Director – Meadowfair Center, Kidango
(Kidango serves 2,500 children in quality preschool, school age, infant care, Head Start, early intervention, mental health and family child care home education programs.)

Senior Bingo

ThankYouNote_StonebrookResidents at the Stonebrook Convalescent Home surprised our volunteers with a reception and heartfelt appreciation. Each volunteer was presented with a pin that says “You’re Appreciated”. We are glad to volunteer, and it is wonderful to know that the residents, nurses and care personnel are just as glad to see us each week.