Community Volunteers.  We have a few wonderful ladies and men who want contribute to our mission of serving the community, but are not yet full members;  most are friends, husbands or sons/daughters of members and some simply have other demands on their time and commitments.  These volunteers are valuable back-room workers in our thrift shop and supporters who “come to the call” for help when needed.  We treasure them for their generous donation of time and talent.  Some community volunteers also enjoy working in The Kids on the Block puppet shows.

Cerebral Palsy of San Joaquin County.  Every week several clients from the Cerebral Palsy Center are bussed over to the Assistance League Thrift Shop,  where they work with Yvonne, a member volunteer, to clean and polish the donated shoes and purses.  This outing is a wonderful boost to their sense of accomplishment, as well as a terrific help to us!

Kids on the Block welcomes community volunteers to  join us in our puppet shows. They  can work as one of our crew members handling sound and stage equipment, or they can learn how to handle one of the puppets and participate in the skits:  “Stopping Bullies” or “When Parents Break Up”.