Operation School Bell®

Over 2000 eligible school children grades K-8 shop for school clothes at local Fred Meyer stores during Shopping Events each fall, starting the year with style and confidence.

Operation Hug a Bear

Hug a Bear provided 100 bears to the Eugene Police Department for patrol officers to carry in their cars to give to victims of crisis, such as assault or domestic violence.

Welcome Basket

Welcome Basket continues work with St. Vincent de Paul to assist formerly homeless families as they move into housing by providing cleaning and household supplies. The programs are Transitions/Connections, vetLIFT, and Supportive Services to Veterans Families.  The program has expanded the services through St. Vincent de Paul to include Strengthening and Preserving Families  and The Homeless Youth house for Girls.  Square One Emerald Village started by the Eugene Christian Church, has been added as well.

The Youth House is a home for 13 homeless teenage girls who receive free housing and counseling for 2 years with the incentive to stay in high school and Emerald Village Eugene houses 22 individuals and couples who pay a small monthly rent for their home in this small neighborhood. The land, plans, and construction of the homes were donated by community groups in Eugene.

68 Welcome Baskets were donated this year to the 6 programs.


Outreach was created to serve the community in a One and Done activity, or to try out a new program which may or may not be a stand alone program after one year. The Books for Kids program was introduced under this program three years ago.

Weekend Food Pantry

The Weekend Food Pantry Program provides weekend food assistance during the school year to nearly 2000 eligible low-income students and their families.

Oregon Heritage

Assistance League of Eugene organizes and gives tours at the Lane County Historical Museum to Lane County students, grades K-5.

Operation Bookshelf

The Operation Bookshelf program provides Eugene Public Library materials for patrons who cannot visit the library themselves.

Books for Kids

Books for Kids started as an Outreach program and has been a stand alone program for three years. The committee has donated books and activity materials for ages 3-12 to Department of Human Services TANF family coaches for the families to encourage literacy. The Eugene Mission is an additional agency being served through donation of books and activity materials to the newly renovated Moms and Kids playroom bookshelf. The need is great and much appreciated by counselors and families.

Books for Kids- our newest program. We collect books for children Kindergarten- Grade 8 for the Family Coaches of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) to bring to the families they serve.

Through programs like these we assist those in need in our local community all year long.

Books for Kids