Bingo BallsDid you know that Senior Bingo began in 1997-98 when Caryl Batts was president?  A committee checked on several residences before deciding on two facilities. Initially, members went to Saratoga Subacute and Vasona Healthcare. Vasona Healthcare was later changed to Stonebrook. We still play Bingo with senior residents at two residences, Stonebrook and A Grace Subacute & Skilled Care.

2020 Senior Bingo Stonebrook Gift Bags

Since we could not go in to run Bingo during the “COVID” years, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, Stonebrook was given 35 bags of 4 goodies each, 4 times a year, with handwritten greeting cards. Many volunteers helped with all those projects.

Over the years, Senior Bingo program chairs have all added to or improved the way things are done or presented for the residents.

Claudia with Gift Cart

New bins and rolling carts and display cases for jewelry have been purchased. Volunteers show and mention a few of the prizes before play begins. Bins and carts are organized and labeled so similar things are kept together and are wheeled around to the residents to choose what prize they want.

Stonebrook - prizes on the table

At Stonebrook, prizes are displayed down the middle of the long tables on which they play.

Bingo Gifts on the Long Table

Placecard with Name at A Grace

At the end of 2022, when Bingo could be played in the residences again, place holders and white cards were used to label each resident’s name and placed in front of the residents. Residents love it when we call them by name.