On Sunday, April 18th, ALCP held a brand new fundraiser “Globetrotting with Chef Sean”.  It featured Sean Whittaker, as chef, and son Briar, as his sous chef, cooking tapas from around the world.  We are happy to report that the event netted $14,000!!!  The best thing was that those of us who attended learned some great cooking tips and came away with great recipes.  The worst thing was that zoom just doesn’t have a “smell” or “taste” feature that would have allowed us to smell and taste this great cooking.  Our lucky hostess, Jane Cartwright and her assistant Cheri McGowan were the lucky ones, and well deserved, as they put in a ton of work to make this new event a success!  Of course our trusty President Shelby did a TON of work too and our Tech Admin, Theresa, hosted the zoom call.  A huge thanks to everyone!

It is impressive that our amazing VP Resource Development, Jane, keeps putting these great ideas together for creative fundraisers during this time of COVID.

The best thing really is what this money turns into…helping kids in our community!  Thank you Sean, Briar and all of our Sponsors. Here are some pictures of the class.




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