2023 Member Awards

Each year at our Spring Luncheon/Annual Meeting we recognize members who have contributed significantly  to the success of our Chapter throughout the year.  So many of our members give so freely of their time.  

The “JILL GRAHAM AWARD” was presented to MARIAN SODERBERG for her devotion and time given to our Duffle Bag Program.  This meaningful program provides duffle bags full of items of care to children entering foster care, in The Harbor program or in the Juvenile system. Marian has overseen this philanthropic program as its Chairman since its inception over 12 years ago!  Thank you Marian!

The “HEART OF THE COMMUNITY AWARD” was presented to an amazing group of women who call themselves the KNAPPA NIFTIES. They were recognized for “their shining example of volunteerism, friendship and caring for the children of our community and each other”.  These ladies work together as a team all of our Philanthropic Programs and Fundraisers.  They all live in the Knappa area. The ladies receiving this award were: Eva McClintock. Sara Hauke, Phoebe Daniels,Joyce Duvall, Glenda Ivanoff, Nancy Autio, Charlene Larsen,Sandy Ford, Judy Rund & Sue Corkill.  An amazing group of ladies!

The “ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD” went to CINDY IRELAND to acknowledge her willingness to step up whenever needed.  In addition to serving on the Board as our Secretary, she filled in for our Technology Administrator and managed all of the ads for our Home and Chef Tour.  Well played Cindy!