Upper Division Scholarships

Assistance League of Greater San Diego offers scholarships for full-time students who have completed community college and are transitioning to an accredited college or university as a junior in pursuit of a four-year degree. The scholarships are also available to those students who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree through their community college.  Scholarships are offered for one year; scholarship recipients who complete their junior year with a 2.75 GPA or better may reapply for their senior year.  Scholarship funds may be used to pay for tuition, fees, books, and supplies.

Eligible students are those currently completing their second year at one of the following community colleges: Cuyamaca College, Grossmont College, Mesa College, Miramar College, San Diego City College, or Southwestern College. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or better and demonstrate financial need. They must also demonstrate current employment, involvement in their community, and/or participation in school activities.  Applicants’ special circumstances will be considered in identifying scholarship recipients.

Applications, including official transcripts, personal statements, and two letters of recommendation are due in early April. They are evaluated by a committee of trained Upper Division Scholarship members who interview the most compelling candidates. Scholarship funds are administered by the college or university in which the student is subsequently enrolled. To retain the scholarship, students must maintain their full-time student status (twelve units each term) and a GPA of 2.75 or better. Committee member volunteers serve as mentors and provide support to each recipient throughout the school year.

The Spring 2023 scholarship winners were Judy Collado, Aisha Qargha, Anisia Dumitrascu, and Julia Smolenskaya. They each received $10,000 to be used for tuition, books, and other necessary academic expenses, Aisha, Anisia, and Julia are previous recipients and will be entering their senior year at university. Judy will be a junior this year.

Mark Twain Senior High School

Assistance League of Greater San Diego is a community partner in education with Mark Twain High School, an alternative high school in San Diego Unified School District. This school serves students by providing small classes, intensive guidance services, individualized programs, and an Expectant Teen/Teen Parent Classroom and Cal-Safe Infant-Toddler Program.

Our volunteers support the students at Twain by providing incentives for student achievement, and by offering scholarships. On a quarterly basis, our volunteers host a VIP luncheon and present certificates to celebrate positive achievement in both academics and citizenship.  Our scholarship program provides financial and mentoring assistance to graduates continuing on to California Community Colleges.

In 2019, ALGSD awarded three second-year scholarships and six first-year scholarships to nine worthy students.

Second-year scholarships went to:  Nahomy Gonzalez – Mesa Community College; Victor Otero – Miramar Community College; and Khang Trinh -Miramar Community College.

First-year scholarships went to: Emebet Ali – Miramar Community College; Arem Bilderback- Grossmont Community College; Kailey Catanach – Miramar Community College; Richard Edwards – UC Merced; Serena Gandarilla – CSU Sacramento; and Esmy Perez – Grossmont Community College.