Operation School Bell®

Children who need school uniforms can receive them, plus shoes, at the school they attend.  Assistance League volunteers will help each student pick out two full uniforms, including pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers, polo shirts, a jacket, and shoes.
Operation School Bell funds can also be used to supply regular school clothes at neighborhood Target stores.  Our volunteers assist in the stores while families pick out clothing for their children.  The cost to fully outfit one child is $100.00.

Book Buddies

Volunteers promote literacy at Florence Elementary School in Hillcrest and Johnson Elementary and Magnolia Elementary schools in El Cajon, through classroom tutoring and reading incentives.  Volunteers partner with classroom teachers to assist individuals and groups of students to improve reading proficiency in comprehension and word recognition.

Awards of magazine subscriptions and other incentives encourage student achievement.  Book Buddy partners also receive library books from our Assistance League through our business partnerships with Barnes and Noble and BookStar.