Operation Loaner Hearing Aids

This innovative program provides loaner hearing aids to children in need. The program is the inspiration of four dedicated chapter members, three of whom are retired San Diego educators-of-the-deaf and the fourth who has deafness in her family.  All witnessed the positive impact of hearing aids on communication and learning, and observed how quickly a hearing-impaired person is isolated when devices are not available.

Operation Loaner Hearing Aids is committed to building a bank of loaner devices for infants through 22-year-old students enrolled in the San Diego Unified School District. The program is a unique collaborative effort between Assistance League of Greater San Diego, San Diego State University, and San Diego Unified School District.

Many students go without amplification either because the family cannot afford devices, or because their devices have been lost or damaged.  Frequently, repairs or replacements take six months to a year.

Currently, more than 30 young people are wearing loaner hearing aids through this program, enabling them to learn and live fully. Those are many lives changed every day, given back the ability to hear and communicate with their families, their teachers, and their world.

San-Dy Bears

Teddy bears can bring joy and comfort to children, especially when they experience trauma. Our volunteers deliver San-Dy Bears to hospitals, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, courts and other agencies that distribute the bears to children in need.

Approximately 900 bears are delivered each year to these agencies to distribute.  We have been pleased to hear many stories about how our bears have brought comfort and relieved fears in traumatic situations.

San-Dy Bears-1

Trauma Clothing

More than 75,000 emergency room patients are discharged from Greater San Diego hospitals each year.  Because many of these patients and families do not have resources to support even their most basic needs, Assistance League of Greater San Diego’s Trauma Clothing program has been designed to provide patients with a dignified experience and the opportunity for a full recovery beyond their hospital stay.

Assistance League of Greater San Diego provides funding for the purchase of new sweat sets for needy patients to wear home after their Emergency Room visit.  Often patients come to the Emergency Room with their clothes destroyed in an accident or soiled due to illness. Rather than sending patients home in hospital gowns, patients receive a t-shirt or sweatshirt and sweat pants upon their release.  Our volunteers package the clothing and make deliveries to hospital emergency rooms.  Partner hospitals include Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest, Scripps Chula Vista, Scripps Memorial, Sharp Memorial, UCSD Medical Center and Paradise Valley Hospital.

This philanthropic program has reached more than 225 patients each year since 2010.